An Illustrated Guide to a few common thoughts of a College Runner

Running can be a confusing sport: you start out hating the run, love the run halfway through, hate it again during the last five minutes, then love it again once you finished. It’s a very complex love hate relationship.

Having bad workouts is definitely a hate moment, and when a race goes wrong your outlook on life is just bleak

And you unfortunately possess a decidedly negative attitude towards everyone who congratulates you on your failed race

Even though they most likely totally and completely have known your pain.

Long cramped bus rides back to campus after long exhausting track meets are definitely the worst

And if you know you’re gonna have to make the freezing walk in the night lugging all your gear back to your apartment from the bus it’s an even worse ride

The struggle is pathetically real.

But the very next day the sun is shining and everything is back to being it’s beautiful natural self and you remember you love running again.

Weekends are always initially exciting because I feel like I’m finally free to do anything and everything, get crazy!

And then I remember I ran today and am exhausted and have no intention of staying up anywhere remotely close to 3 A.M, and my evening with friends looks a lot more like this:

And I end up frequently thinking with my friends:

If it’s the weekend of a meet, and the next day I have to be up early, all I can think is how can these ruffian college hooligans still be up at the extreme hour of 11:30 P.M., bumping their music

Those crazy party animals.

Occasionally, I do manage to rustle up the energy to go out and do something on a Saturday night; unfortunately there’s that nagging knowledge in my mind of the 13 mile long run I have to get up and do at 8 A.M. the next morning…

And then of course, after the long run, counting down the hours til the Caf opens at 11 A.M. with only one thought in your starving mind:

After breakfast trying to tell myself I’m going to be productive this Sunday and not only get all my homework done but work ahead in classes, but knowing in the back of my mind…

Because inevitably I find myself faced with the possibility of taking a nap or watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia episodes and my mind is always just like

Filling out the mileage chart is a meticulous and precise task, that involves a carefully constructed system of rules for rounding up; I may have only actually ran 64.5 miles, but little rebel that I am, I’m going to write down 65.

Learning that morning practice was canceled and you do NOT, in fact, have to get up before the sun to run in 15 degree weather:

Learning that practice is still on and you will have to run, and not only that, but it’s forecasted to have heavy winds and the possibility of snow, and dying a little inside:

Being terrified of what the next day’s workout will be, especially when you’re teammates are just like:

And my reaction insides to those who try to get me pumped up and excited for a looming workout:

I just cannot get excited about those.

But then if we all have an awesome workout together it becomes totally worth it and awesome and we’re all just like:

When people ask you why you run:

And when afternoon core is canceled:

It’s always uncomfortable when you are with non runners and they don’t understand your almost constant hunger. It does not matter if dinner was an hour ago, I’m up to eat again.

There are always times as an athlete where you have doubts about what you’re doing

But those doubts always conclude with me remembering how great it is and how blessed I am to do it:



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