For Simon

If you read this poem, I know you’d hate it
I’m watching you question me with warm eyes
I’m seeing you grin, finished drinking it in
I’m smelling the scent of your past highs
I’m hearing you say, “So Danielle, I read this…”
And you’re off on your newest obsession
I smile to myself, and settle softly in
Amused at your latest life lesson
Tuesdays, blowing questions into the wind
I’m criss-crossed with you and we’re musing
Feet in Tulsa, minds on the moon
Thrilled with the brains that we’re using
Deep in the mountains of daisy July
I’m rafting with you down a river
Glacial water and my devotion to you
Soak my depths til they sing and they shiver
But two white fires can’t cling to each other
Plus my rare morals are my own steep wall
So I’m standing beside you, always beside you
As we burn bright and desperate and tall
I’m thinking you’re crazy, but certain I love you
I’m snorting when I think you’re wrong
I’m snuggled close to you, watching Miyazaki
We’re tethered but we’ll never belong
I’m rolling my eyes, half annoyed half laughing
As you preach of the oneness of the planet
You’re calming me down, and melting my blizzards
We’re wishing for the world as we would have planned it
I’m arguing against you, because I’m not into drugs
And you’re frustrated I won’t take LSD
You’re talking of penultimate transcendence
While I shrug ‘cause I already feel free
I’m reading Lolita, amazed at how I adore it
So I call to say thanks for the suggestion
You nervously admit you actually never read it
I’m smiling wryly at that common confession
I’m walking with you on some of earth’s edges
We’re quiet and together and that’s everything
You make a joke about Dirt Man, and I laugh of course
We’re filling in landscapes with electric coloring
You’re sitting on the floor, I curled on your couch
And you’re soothing the cracks in my skin
You’re pacing my kitchen and ranting on acid
I’m gently calming you down and pulling you in
You’re constantly planning and grasping and pawing
I’m with you as we stare at blue stars
I’m crying in between repeats on the track
I’m laughing alone at the jokes that were ours

You are so loved Simon. Looking forward to catching up later in Heaven. I have a real big ‘I told ya so’ I can’t wait to give you. Til then I’ll be reaching.
Simon Greiner 10/03/2016


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